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These are to clarify questions that I have gotten from voters.

Does Becky Cash want to make birth control and contraceptives illegal?

No, Becky Cash does not want to make birth control and contraceptives illegal. She has never stated or published that she wishes to make birth control and other contraceptives illegal. Becky is heartbroken to see this misinformation being spread to women who genuinely may be fearful, and she asks that you help clarify this position so that others are not fearful.

Does Becky support life-saving medical treatment for pregnant women and girls, even if that means that the baby will not survive?

Yes. Becky understands that conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as cancer or a variety of other medical emergencies may require that a woman not continue the pregnancy. While this is always a tragic situation for the mother, this may result in premature delivery of a baby who is not viable or can not survive. Becky values the life of every pregnant woman and girl. 

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