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 I believe that it is important that a candidate states their positions clearly.  While it is impossible to list all issues that are important to all people across such a diverse district, we know that these fundamental issues are important to you.  Please reach out to us with any questions that you may have.  

Protection of our communities and our law enforcement

Becky is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police!

HD 25 encompasses four different communities that make up four different school corporations, countless parks, churches, businesses, hospitals, facilities and much more. The people of House District 25 are blessed to live in some of the safest communities in Indiana. This is largely because of the people who live here, strong law enforcement and first responders, amazing educators and an environment that promotes and encourages business development. But we must continue to stay vigilant so that we can continue to raise our children in safe communities without fear of drugs like Fentanyl and opiates getting into the hands of our children.

I will support adequate funding for our law enforcement, emergency medical systems and fire corporations. I will work with local and State Police organizations and local and State fire organizations to make sure that their pensions and healthcare are secure. I have begun and will continue conversations regarding growing concerns about specific illnesses that are growing among our police and firefighters. We must ensure they have the healthcare they need.

I also support funding for programs that make our schools and communities safer, keep drugs out of our communities and keep our families safe from criminals. Such programs include State funding for active shooter training, officers in the schools, proper equipment for our law enforcement and additional equipment for our schools.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Indiana legislature has an obligation to act with fiscal responsibility. This means that we need to not just pass legislation regarding funding but also be aware of where that money is going and who is accountable for the spending. I will not just be aware of the big picture of where money is going but also read between the lines, ask questions and challenge when needed.


I believe that education is the ticket to achieving the American Dream and that all people, regardless of where they come from, what school district they live, whether they are in the rural or suburban parts of the district, deserve access and opportunity to good education.  I am committed to:

  • School choice so that parents can choose the best path to education for their children, based on their families needs.   
  • Providing adequate funding for pur schools. I will fight to make sure that the public schools in HD 25 are represented at the Statehouse and that they receive the funding needed to provide high quality education with a focus on academics. I also support the recent legislation increasing minimum salaries and incremental pay raises for our Public School teachers.
  • Offering our students multiple career paths.  Our children have the right and need to be prepared to pursue higher education or directly enter the workforce after High School.  I support expanded access to trade schools both in High School and Post-Secondary.  We must prepare our students for college but understand that there are multiple options for our students.
  •  Supporting the Parents Bill of Rights as updated by the Attorney General in 2021.  If you are a parent or citizen of House District 25, please feel free to reach out to our campaign to share your concerns regarding educational opportunities.  
  • Expanded Opportunities for our Special Needs Populations.  I look forward to working with fellow legislators to explore job force options for ALL of our children and adults.  I welcome parents and caregivers of those with special needs to reach out to me to discuss these topics.

Mental Health Reform

I am committed to mental health reform.   In our last primary, we heard every Sheriff candidate in Boone County and Hendricks County talk about mental health issues in the jails. This stems from decades of failed mental health policy and inadequate resources. This will not be fixed overnight however I am committed to:

  • Finding ways to incentivise students in mental health to focus on Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Health.
  • Exploring opportunities to recruit mental health professionals to come to Indiana.
  • Working with organizations such as Mental Health America to focus on Early Childhood programs to help detect and prevent Mental Health Crisis.
  • Working with organizations such as Autism Society of Indiana and other disability organizations to explore better ways of meeting the mental health needs of our most vulnerable populations.
  • Beginning the work of taking the efforts of the organizations above ( and others) and focusing on legislative gaps so that we can begin implementation.

We are running out of time. We must prioritize Indiana's growing Mental Health Crisis.

Parental Rights

I believe that parents have the rights and responsibilities to make decisions for their children.  No entity, including and especially the Government should infringe on those rights unless it is proven that a child is being abused.  As a mother of 6, ranging in age from 9 years old to 21 years old, I have both experienced and seen what happens when the rights of parents are infringed upon.  Parents have the right to make educational, medical and moral decisions for their minor children.  Parents should always have the right to change their child's educational environment, get a second opinion or forego medical treatment, make end of life decisions for their child and to choose what and when their children learn about moral decisions.  The religious rights and beliefs of a family should never be imposed upon by the government.  

Constitutional Rights

As Americans, the Constitution of the United States of America is our most important document.  This document guarantees us the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  In addition, the Indiana Constitutions reaffirms these things.  I will fight for Constitutional Principles because this is the only path to making sure that every citizen, regardless of Race, Religion, Sex, Economic Status, where they live or where they come from can be guaranteed these inalienable rights.  I will fight for the Truths and Principles in the U.S. Constitution, without exception.  This includes Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and the Right to Bear Arms.  


Our Family is Strongly Pro-Life.  Life is the most fundamental right guaranteed to us, as Americans, in the Constitution.  I will fight for the Rights of the Unborn, those who have been born, those with disabilities, the poor, the most vulnerable, the elderly and the lives of everyone in between. 

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